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Print, Product


Date Added

22 avril 2016

Project Brief

Bespoke is New York’s preeminent digital production studio. STUDIO NEWWORK was assigned to design a bi-monthly e-Newsletter to update current and future clients on new work. The work BESPOKE Studio has produced is impeccable and we’ve been inspired by their work to design a series of e-Newsletters.

Our approach was simply to the point to let them know that Bespoke has been producing strong work. We removed all the unnecessary information, and we used one big, bold image, the photographer’s name and their agency’s name, and Bespoke Studio’s contact info on each e-Newsletter. Dynamic image cropping was one of the technique we used. Original images are great, but we cropped images carefully yet fearlessly. And one of the most important points of these e-Newsletter is to work flawlessly as triptic posters. They should go together well even though the images were shot by different photographers. Another important point is the grid to place design elements where they visually relate to the image. All the design elements are placed and aligned by using perfect square, 2:3 proportion, 90 degrees.

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