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22 avril 2016

Project brief & details

The idea & inspiration behind Deca is to create a design, free of elements not highly required to portray the content or ideas. Thereby removing the unnecessary elements & leaving only important points to focus. The Bold, minimal & simple design approach ensures maximum attention to your work.

Deca is a Portfolio template designed to work for all creatives & agencies including Graphic & Web Designers, Architects, Illustrators, Digital Agencies, Industrial Designers, Photography & 3D / Animation Artists.

With good design features, Deca also comes with varieties for we know the value of uniqueness. The design tries to provide clarity for the visitor to interpret your work & ideas without hindrance of unwanted design elements traditionally used in web design.

The ability to use design modules from different pages as per need makes it a powerful, flexible & user friendly design.

By Vikram Verma via ThemeForest

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